1. Child Inside

Written with my great friend Ed Rubinstein.


Child Inside (music: narin silver and ed rubinstein/ lyrics: narin silver) - She talked about it so openly/I felt ashamed but not for me, I think/ Is she free to talk of those things/ Or does she hide behind her poetry/ Are those words she said addressed to me/ I'm afraid to look, through my eyes she'll see/ {I tried to show and express how I feel/ I wanted to show them what it meant to be real/ I have nothing to hide/ So I write what I feel when I'm alone in the night} / This one talks so wonderfully/ She says things so artfully/ She is poetry/ Open myself to her consuming eyes/ Expose all my games and childish lies/ Revealed in the light of her knowing gaze/ Showing my need for innocent ways/ Timid to the point of fear/ Wanting to show her myself/ Careful not to drop a tear/ Loving and shy like the mythical elf/ She moved me and the piano to tears/ She felt free to expose herself and her fears, my fears/ A child inside scared to be alive/ Courage I need/ Strength to be freed/ From my collection of insecurities/ Open my mind, my eyes, to the possibilities/ A child alone scared to be/ The one inside he ought to be/ He knows she'll see/ the real being in me.